Retail Design 

We have done it all, from brick & mortar to click and the other way around. A good retail design is perhaps a hundred parameters squeezed into one singular purpose, profitable movement of inventory.

Our International clients have over the years enriched our journey to better understand the relationship of a brand and its clientele. Our 10 year experience in the new age of retail helps you with a consultative design that will be in sync with the way you can best sell.

Hospitality Design 

SAALT is a partner to your hospitality dreams - to create inspired destinations for a luxury travel experience, a dream to create a space that revives and rejuvenates the weary traveler and the thrill seeker.

Each of our project stands out as a unique testament to style, taste, skill, execution and imagination. We like to remind ourselves that we are only as good as our last project and our last customer experience.  Though our services are all encompassing, we can always custom fit our services to your requirements.


Our workplace design is very scientific- we assess parameters like work culture, the goals of the organisation and the consumer demographic. Our workplace designs seek to increase employee retention, promotes productivity, helps improve top-line and reduces costs to better the bottom-line.

We understand that workplace in the end is a reflection of all the stakeholders including your budgets, ambitions, vision and business objectives.

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