Our Story:
There comes a time in our professional lives when we pause and reflect  on the need to reinvent. Such is the story of SAALT.  We wanted to author a better way to deliver functional design that would be powered by the needs of the end consumer and not just follow trends by the fashion gurus of the industry. It did not come like a bolt from the blue like the movies. It took years of field experience to crystallize our thoughts. Inspired by the humble grains of salt, taking form and shape based on its environment progressing as the laws of design would permit its lattice to sustain and evolve.
Our Inspiration:
A well executed design leaves a mark on you,  our inspiration is that mark. Why do Marks and Spencer outlets  stand out, if you have been to car showrooms in the US you will realize why Toyota outlets are so favored. Be it the design for the Sequoia Capital, five star lobbies of Westin, Vedic themed restaurants for Marriott, our designs have streaked past the pretty looking to  making your bottom line look better. So, if you are looking for a Design that works for you over time, reach out to us.


Founder and Principal Designer


Amidst eccentric architects and unhinged designers, Shallu is the author of sanity in runaway projects. In a world of show ponies and work horses, she is an unapologetic work horse. Born in north India, she had an eye for design at very young age. She nurtured her love for design and execution at Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture(BNCA) in Pune. 

She attributes it to sheer luck that she  got to spend her formative years working at I Chaney and Associates which set the foundation for her career in architecture. After 7 years at ICA Shallu moved to SpaceMatrix in 2007 and quickly moved to be a Partner in one of the fastest growing architecture firms in the world. Shallu under the aegis of Shagufta and Anurag set up and successfully managed Studio i in collaboration with Gensler, followed by large accounts for Blink, a rising star in the hospitality design space. 

With more than 20 years of planning, designing and executing projects in continental USA and India, Shallu can be encapsulated as "Certainty of Experience". Over the years every project has been a relationship and which is why 80% of the business handled by SAALT today is repeat clients.